2020 was a rough year. For the world and for me personally. At the end of 2019, I lost my Father unexpectedly and a few short months later, COVID trapped us all in our homes.

 It was a confusing time for everyone and I felt like I had no outlet to deal with all the things that had been suddenly thrown my way. I needed somewhere to put my energy. Something to bring me peace and a little joy during such a rough chapter of my life. 

My wonderful wife, Jade, saw this need. I had always loved taking family pictures on my phone, so she decided to buy me my first DSLR camera. That small gesture of love and kindness changed my life for the better. Shortly after receiving this gift, April Tungate Photography was born! 

The loss of my Father made me realize just how precious the moments we have with each other are. The whirlwind of COVID quarantine made me realize just how quickly things can change. In these realizations I found my passion in capturing memories through my lens. My love of giving families a framed moment in time with their loved ones that they can cherish forever. Knowing that they will always have the photos to look back on to remind them of moments filled with happiness, laughter and joy. 

My biggest wish is to give you and your family photos that you will return to every year. Photos that remind you of the time when your child’s best friend was her Daddy and his favorite pastime was playing tag with Mom. Photos that make you smile and bring back memories, both big and small. 

That is why I do what I do and I absolutely love every moment of it.