Trust, April knows how much you want to hold on to every second.

The unexpected loss of her father made April realize just how precious the moments shared with loved ones are. She found her passion in capturing memories through her lens, giving families framed moments in time to cherish forever. Knowing that no matter how much time passes, they can always look at the photos to remind them of happy moments, full of laughter and joy.

Why hire a photographer?

this time in your life is so important

The photos you take with your family right now are the ones that you will show to your kids one day. The ones your grandchild will look at and think, “I want a love like my Grandparents have.” They are the memories you will pass down through generations.

And when it comes to newborns, those early days are incredibly fleeting. Before you know it, your newborn will be crawling, walking, and exploring the world around them. Capturing those precious moments when they're still tiny and new allows you to look ba