Your baby's first birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and what better way to commemorate it than with a joyous cake smash session! Every detail of your session is thoughtfully planned and designed to make it a truly unforgettable experience tailored to your preferences.

I understand that planning and executing a cake smash session can be overwhelming. That's why I've taken the stress out of the process for you. Here's what my studio provides to ensure a seamless and joyous experience:

  • Custom Backdrops and Coordinating Floors: Every session is unique, and I provide custom backdrops and coordinating floors to create the perfect setting for your baby's magical moments.
  • All the Props: My prop and accessory collection is ever-expanding, offering a wide array of options to complement the theme and style of your session.
  • Cake Stand: The cake deserves a special place, and a cake stand is provided to add a touch of elegance to the celebration.

  • Outfits, Hats, and Headbands: Most families find the outfits, hats, and headbands provided in the studio fitting perfectly with the session's theme. However, you are welcome to bring your own clothing options to personalize the experience further.
  • Cute Tub for Splash Baths: After the cake smash, a splash bath is not just fun but also an adorable photo opportunity. I provide a cute tub for this delightful part of the session.
  • Clean-Up Essentials: No need to worry about the aftermath. I provide all the clean-up items, including towels, ensuring that the your car ride home is cake mess free!

There are a few essentials for you to bring along to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here's a handy checklist to make sure you're fully prepared for this magical celebration!

  • The Cake: I don't provide the cake due to any possible allergies. Ask to order a two layered 8 inch round cake. DO NOT ask to order a “smash cake”. If you do, it is very possible it will be a one layer 6 inch cake. It’s super small and looks like a pancake when photographed. Your little one will NOT be eating that much of this cake let alone all of it. The size of the cake is purely for photographing purposes.
  • Bottle or Sippy Cup: Bring a bottle or sippy cup filled with water or your baby's drink of choice. This will not only keep your little one hydrated but also provide them with something to wash down the delicious cake.
  • Favorite Snacks: Pack some of your baby's favorite non-messy snacks, such as Puffs or Cheerios. These familiar treats can be a handy way to keep your little one engaged and add a touch of comfort during the session.
  • Baby's Favorite Toy or Noise Maker: Don't forget to bring a cherished toy or noise maker from home. Having something familiar can provide comfort and serve as a delightful distraction, ensuring those genuine smiles and expressions are captured.
  • Extra Outfit for Baby: Accidents happen, especially when cake is involved! Bring an extra outfit for your baby to go home in, ensuring they leave the session as clean and comfortable as possible.
  • Extra Outfit(s) for Parents: Parents, be prepared to get hands-on during the session! Since you're actively involved in making this celebration a success, bring an extra outfit or two for yourselves. Who knows, you might get to enjoy a little cake as well!
DFW Cake smash Session one year old holding one letters
One year old clapping during her cake smash photoshoot
one year old smiling during her studio photoshoot


To make the most of this joyous occasion, I recommend scheduling your session 4-6 weeks prior to your baby's actual birthday, especially if you plan to showcase the pictures at their birthday party. Optimal scheduling avoids interfering with your little one's nap and feeding schedules, and I'm flexible enough to start as early as 8 am to accommodate your baby's unique routine.

What to Expect:

When you first arrive at my studio, I want your little one to feel comfortable and at ease. I understand that it's an entirely new experience for them, and jumping right into pictures can sometimes lead to a meltdown. Taking a few moments to let your child play and get familiar with their surroundings helps them adjust to the new environment. This initial interaction is essential, as it allows them to warm up to me and understand that you trust me – creating a bond built on trust.

Getting Started:

Once your little one is settled, we'll move on to getting them in their adorable outfit for their portraits. It's crucial to start with "regular" portraits first, capturing their genuine expressions before the excitement of the cake smash begins. This approach not only keeps the baby engaged but also ensures a smooth transition into the more playful part of the session.

During the Session:

To maintain a lively atmosphere, I move at a decent pace during the session. This helps in keeping your baby interested and avoids wearing out their smile too soon. As we capture those precious regular portraits, we're paving the way for the highlight of the session – the cake smash!

Parental Involvement:

Moms and dads, you're an integral part of the session! Many babies experience stranger danger or hesitancy, and having you right there to help puts your baby at ease. Your involvement results in happier babies, fewer tears, and the emergence of their delightful personalities. After all, if they're going to smile for anyone, it's going to be for mom and dad.

one year old looking at decorations next to cake smash cake
one year old sharing cake with photographer during cake smash photoshoot
one year old making eye contact with camera with cake all over her hands during her first birthday milestone session

In the blink of an eye, your baby's first year is racing by, and now it's time to start thinking about the perfect way to celebrate their first birthday. With a commitment to creating a stress-free and magical experience, my studio provides everything needed for an unforgettable cake smash session. If you have any questions or specific ideas you'd like to discuss, feel free to reach out. Let's make your baby's first birthday celebration truly special!