Family Photoshoot Loading...

I thought it would be fun to share a little glimpse of who I spend my time with when I don't have my Fort Worth Photography hat on! My wife (Pictured with me above) and I had our annual Christmas photos taken! You'll see just how much she loves a photoshoot. LOL!! I am so grateful for my talented friend @JaimeEnglishPortraits for taking these! She is always so patient with us. We are extra goofy!! Don't believe me.... Have a look for yourself!

Ready for the goofy ones?

These honestly are my favs as they truly show us, and represent our quirky-ness. Is that a word? LOL Here we go!!

We couldn't forget the dogs...

We don't have actual human children... but ask anyone who knows us... our dogs are our kids! Spoiled rotten. I couldn't take the dogs to the studio, so I did a fun photoshoot with them at home!! I hope you enjoy these as well!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!!

--April Tungate Photography--